"Taste and Experience what the Philippines has to offer!"

As a result of these cumulative experiences, Taste Philippines was created through our love of food and traveling. We felt that the Philippines although a country with a very deep culture and very good food we are not very well represented in our own country especially in Boracay. We felt that our culture needed an embodiment, thus Taste Philippines was born.

As Taste Philippines started to form. We gathered all our experiences from our travels and conceptualized a dinner and cultural show that will best represent our country to our foreign guests. We have done extensive research on the different qualities that would make for an interesting and exciting show and put it in this 1:45 minute extravaganza.


Become the premiere dinner and cultural show in the Philippines by showcasing the talents if our local communities and providing the best dining experience highlighted by our traditional Filipino dishes.

It is the aim of Taste Philippines to let our guests experience a glimpse of how festive and deep our culture is through this 1:45 ensamble. It is essential for Taste Philippines to ensure that our guests take this experience and consider it as one of the highlights of their trip to the Philippines.


It is our Vision to grow and share the experience of what Taste Philippines has to offer to the whole Country we can provide a better quality of life to our performers. In return they will help us preserve our culture and be able to share it with pride to the whole world.